WELCOME to OUT OF THE BOX STUDIO, a place where you can discover the artist within


   My daughter Jayla has been taking classes at Out of the Box Studio for three years.  She looks forward to her class every week and always leaves with a smile. Her teacher, Stephanie, integrates teaching the kids about artists and techniques in a way that is interesting, educational and always fun. Jayla has learned about Chagall, Picasso, Lichtenstein and many more great artists.  In class she applies what she learns to her own art in a fun and accessible way! -Jessica Black

   We had our daughter's birthday at Out of the Box Studio since she had taken classes there before and enjoyed it tremendously. Stephanie is wonderful and worked with us to create an art project for the party that was fun, unique, and reflected what our daughter was interested in. It was perfect. - Lisa Wales

   Leila started taking classes at OOTB when she was five and absolutely loved it!  She has been exposed to so many different types of media,from pastels and charcoals, to clay, wood, glass, etc.  Each week she gets excited and tries to guess what she will be working with on that day. The studio is a very low-key, low-pressure environment that allows each child to produce art that is a reflection of their own interpretation.  I love seeing all the pictures from the different artists at the end of class!- Heather Cerar

  My daughter has enjoyed every single art lesson at Out of the Box! Stephanie is always full of energy and enthusiasm!  Her lessons are always filled with laughter and creativity.- Chalese Karas

   My daughter Madeleine has been coming to classes at Out of the Box for a few years now and always has the best time!  She has done an array ofprojects and always looks forward to her next class. The offerings are vast so she has an opportunity to learn different methods and techniques. Stephanie is a great teacher. She is wonderful with kids and very knowledgeable in the arts.  We are lucky to have such a great resource in our community.  - Candace Bishop-Conlan.

  While I know process is important when considering a young child's art experience, with Stephanie we got it all - process and amazing product! She constantly introduces new medium, new vocabulary and new perspective through art. My child was/is always delighted with the outcome of her artwork! -Leslie Carter.

  My son Calvin (9) loves to create art with Stephanie.  He has been attending classes for the past two years and we never have to "convince" him to go.  The atmosphere is supportive, inviting, fun and creative.  Cal has learned about (and imitated) so many great artists (i.e., Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Warhol, Lichtenstein) and used all sorts of media.  He brings home the most wonderful work.  I have so many favorites.  Thanks, Stephanie, for providing a place where he can be creative - and have fun! - CharCretia DiBartolo

  My 8 year old son really loves to do art, and after looking around I was lucky enough to find Out of the Box. It is the perfect combination of art, fun, and even a bit of learning thrown in there! My son can't wait for it to be the day of his class, and always comes out of it so enthused - ready to show off his latest creation and tell me the story behind the history of it or the inspiration for it. Stephanie is wonderful, knowledgeable and really gels well with the children. Out of the Box is a wonderful place.  -Molly Reilly Healy

"We had a fabulous birthday party for our daughter at Out of the Box Studio! Stephanie made it so easy for us as parents and the kids had a blast creating original glass paintings.And the best part was, the kids enjoyed taking home their artwork as favors to keep for a long time.I would definitely recommend this fabulous studio for kids!" -Jen Buchhalter