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 Stephanie Krauss Verdun, owner/visual artist

Stephanie thinks out of the box. Her ideas are out of the box.  Inspired by the masters, children's books, various themes, graphic design, photography and movies, her classes are as unique as she is. Her relaxed demeanor mixed with a silly sense of humor and passion for art make a good mix for the classroom.  With a background in Art Therapy, interior design consulting and working as a preschool enrichment teacher, her understanding, creativity, patience and imagination are tools she keeps in the box of the room to help students grow beyond it.


One of my favorite books as a kid was called “ A Flower Pot is not a Hat.” By Martha Moffett (1972.) It said things like “An Umbrella is not a horse. If I ride on it, it is. A grocery cart is not a bed. If I sleep in it, it is.” Back then, it was just a silly book that made me laugh. But, today, reminds me that children discover and define things for themselves.  When I teach, or even parent, I think back to that book and try to remember that sometimes you have to let go of the rules, think differently and use your imagination.  

Kids don’t need toys. Give them a box. They will turn it into a house, a car, a bed. The same rule applies to fostering creativity in art… Give them one thing to start the imagination and you will be out of the box in no time.


  To view Stephanie's art and products ( original works, handpainted ceramic, scarves, totes and more)

please visit  www.stephaniekraussverdun.com  

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